Rochester Red Wings game - 7/17/11

I was scheduled to preach at the Monroe County Jail last night and, thanks to a kind friend who stepped in for me, I was able to shed that responsibility to go with family and friends to the Red Wings game last night. The game was not unusually long but thankfully it started at 6:05 p.m. rather than 7:05 p.m. so that we could also take in the RPO concert, fireworks, and let the boys run the bases after all of that frivolity was completed. After it was all said and done we were actually home by 11:00 p.m. and we had an excellent time.

When we were younger I fondly recalled the times I spent with my dad and brothers and sisters taking in the games at Silver Stadium. I loved going to the ballpark and am so happy that our family gets to attend games at a stadium that is so much nicer and easier to access than Silver was when I was younger. I told my boys that we generally sat along the third base line when we were growing up, but our traditional spot will be sitting along the first base line. They seemed to be very happy that we had our own tradition and I am glad that we do. I wonder, if they have a family of their own, they will switch back to third base or if they will sit high above home plate to watch the pitches come in.

At any rate these are the simple times that seem to knit us together as a family. On the way out of the stadium Drew thanked me for getting the tickets and I saw a bit of his heart. A heart that I need to have, in ever increasing measure, toward my God that gave me good things last night. He is to be praised for what happened and for the smiles that were on their faces.


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