A Gospel presentation to kindergarteners

My current taching gig with our church has been in our Hostspot program where I am teaching pre-schoolers and kindergarteners in a really fun atmosphere. This past Sunday I took on a challenge to present the Gospel to them as clearly as I could and to remain as faitful as I could to the message. It is hard for me to really be clear at times and not use "big words" like sacrifice, atonement, or a raft of other good, Biblical words that would be over their heads. Here is what I came up with. Please comment if you think I can hone this any more to be more communicative to children of that age or more adherent to the Bible's presentation of why Christ came to this earth:

·         What do you hate? Is it a particular food? Insect? Snakes?

·         I want to tell you a story about me and you.

·         God created us. He wanted to love us and for us to love Him.

·         It is a lot like our moms and dads – they love us and want us to love them too.

·         It was great for a while. Adam and Eve had a great relationship with God. It was very special and we have not seen anything like it since.

·         Then, they disobeyed God. They sinned. And because they sinned we are sinners as well.

·         Their disobedience, their sin, was bad news because it showed that they did not love God.

·         It was also bad news because God hates sin and, because He is holy, He must punish those who do sin.

·         The punishment for sin is death or separation from God forever in a place called Hell.

·         Hell is an awful place where no one wants to go. Once we are there we cannot go to heaven to be with God. We are there forever.

·         Can you imagine being separated from God? Forever? It is kind of like being separated from our own parents and never seeing them again. That would be terrible.

·         We would miss them a lot and they would miss us. I bet that if we were separated from our parents that they would do anything to find us and to get us back.

·         Guess what? There is good news because God had a plan to bring us back to Him.

·         He never stopped loving us (even though we stopped loving Him) and He did something totally amazing.

·         He sent His Son, Jesus, to take care of our sin problem.

·         You see Jesus cmae to this earth to die for our sins so that we would not have to die for our own sins. He chose to be separated from His Father so that we would not have to be separated from Him.

·         Once He died for our sins then we could get back together with the Father again. It was like we never ever sinned! Once Jesus did that he got back together with God again.

·         Now, in order to have your sins taken care of and get back together with God you have to believe that you are a sinner and that Jesus died for your sins. And ask him to be your leader of your life and the forgiver of your sins

I filled in some of the blanks as I went along, but this was the general outline of what I presented. Again, please feel free to suggest anything helpful. There is no doubt I will be doing this again.


  1. I think it sounds great! Good job Mark!!

  2. nothing like driving home a little fear of the Lord!


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