The sweet bait of the fisherman

"He's the Fisher of Men, I'm gonna take the bait..." Irresistible Future, Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill

When it was all said and done, when the Spirit Himself showed me how guilty I was and how awful my sin had been, it was as if someone offered me a cool cup of water to drink. My life was on fire when the sweet bait of the Fisherman Himself was dangled in front of me. I was snared and my life became a slavery to a God that loves me rather than the one that sought my destruction. All that I thought I would miss, everything that I knew I needed to renounce pales in comparison to what I have now. The removal of the penalty for my sin (separation from God forever in Hell) by the work that was performed on the cross that day has given me a life filled with hope and blessings that, literally, cannot be counted. Who would have known that embracing Him would lead to such sweet service? Who would have known that the sin that I constantly knew would have lead me to my death? Only He knew and it was Him who filled my heart to overflowing with meaning and consistently holds out just a taste of heaven in a fallen world. He did it by exchanging the lie I lived for the truth He held.


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