The luxury of thought

Oftentimes I do not afford myself the luxury of thought. I think, but I do not order my life or activity in a way that would make the most sense. Just ask anyone who is around me in a time when "a lot of things need to get done" and you'll see my gnat-like the attention span. I do not have the natural ability to look at 6 different things that need to get done and order them for maximum efficiency. And, in the midst of a project, I do have a tendency to dive head-long into something without a proper plan. I think that one of the reasons why I do not formulate a plan for projects is that, given my adult ADD, if I stopped to think about something I would be off on a tangent that would have me actually doing something else. If my hands are actually busy doing something then I need to stay focused on it for a while. Or until it gets done. Whichever comes first.

I do, from time to time, find thoughts in my head and throw them out there and see if they hold my interest for an extended period of time. Sometimes I even find boredom striking when I am in the middle of a sentence and lose the will to actually complete it. That's dangerous because usually when I am talking people are listening...and they expect coherence in the words that are assaulting their ears. If I trail off out of boredom then this does not lend itself... It may even be considered anti-social. I know - shocking, isn't it? Yet, if a thought does hold my attention then I know it is a good one (if for me only) and I like to see those through to completion. I do get stuff done mind you. I am just not possessed with accomplishment like other people are. And that is an overstatement.


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