I deserve __________


If the words "I deserve" is followed by anything other than "to go to Hell" then I have not fully grasped the Gospel message that has been faithfully delivered to me. I don't even deserve a good day today, but I know that God has and will continue to shower blessings on me. I don't deserve them, I just get them. They're gifts to me and I do get caught up in the gifts at times and get my eyes off of the Giver, but that's for another post. I was thinking about serving other people both in and out of the church today and a thought struck me. I was wondering if the people I serve deserve the best I can do. I would like to think so because, as a servant, I want to please my master (who happens to be "others") and my master does deserve my best in all areas. But that lead me to the present dilemma. If they are anything like me (and they are as far as I can tell) they don't deserve to be served by me because, through my service, they receive blessing. I know this sounds kind of arrogant, but go with me on this one. Because they don't deserve you either.

So, in all manner of speaking, they don't deserve my best. They don't deserve the acts of service that I perform on their behalf. But - there is One that does. He has commanded me to serve and to continually lay my life down for my wife, children, and neighbor. He has entrusted me with gifts and talents and expects me to use them to their fullest potential. He is who I serve and the more I serve Him, the more I try to give Him everything He deserves, the more perfectly I will serve those around me. They don't deserve the gifts that I have, but He does. It just gets clearer and clearer to me that when I serve it is for an audience of One. And He is quite an audience, isn't He?

With all logical and philosophical inquiry aside, I need to make sure I am giving my all for Him. I don't deserve to be in His house and serve Him, but I find myself there. And I will sweep the flour that has spilled on the floor in His kitchen with all that I am.



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