The gift of dork


I thought of posting something humorous (if only to me) in my status this morning about me being a dork (nerd, geek, doofus, etc.) in high school and the freedom that afforded me to not have old flames chasing me down and saying " you doin'?". But, the more I thought about it, the more thankful I became that I am not in that situation. I was never "in" with the ladies back then and it wasn't until college that I had any semblance of a serious relationship with a member of the opposite sex (yes, female, for those of you who are as sarcastic as I am). For me that was a good thing even though, at the time, it was more than a tad painful. Of course I did not have this perspective in the midst of my mate-lessness and always had to scramble to find someone to go to the semi-formal or prom with, but now all of that has faded into a great deal of freedom. I am not so naive to think that every high school or college relationship that has ever existed is re-igniting in this way, but for me there is nothing there to re-ignite. This dork is not encumbered by all of that and, for that, I am truly grateful.



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