The way my mind has been

My mind has either been too full lately (cue laughter) or just plain empty (cue knowing nods). I have been catching up on some podcasts on my way into and from work and there has been so many thoughts that have been triggered from different perspectives on familiar themes that it is hard to articulate them all. Here is one, albeit underdeveloped, of them:

My body is a vessel. It happens to be the tool by which my self affects the world around me. It has also been both given into service to God and is fit for the service that God has given to me. I was thinking about the breaking down of the body, I am 40 after all, and likening it to a bucket that is becoming increasingly rusty and showing more and more holes. Obviously I could carry water in a hole-ridden bucket, but it would be sub-optimal for this task. It would frustrate the one who has pressed it into service to carry water. I would have to think that once it is unfit to carry water, or to hold anything in particular, it would be cast aside for a better alternative. Such is the life of the bucket.

I initially thought that this is the way of the body as well. I do know that when I am not feeling my best and my body is not responding the way I want it to I can get frustrated. Unlike the bucket, though, I have been called to glorify God. That is my supreme service to Him and the only rational position of a created being to the Creator. The interesting thing is, unlike the bucket, as my body wears out I can still glorify God in ways I have yet to discover. God won't even cast aside my body for the purposes of glorifying Him even if I am flat on my back in a coma...there is still work to be done. There is still such a thing as glorifying Him in that state. Is there a time when I will be unable to glorify Him? Is there that space of time (as brief as it is) between my death and my glorification that I will not ascribe greatness to Him? If that is the only time it will be brief indeed.

I could take this in the direction of comparing the bucket-bearer to my Body-Bearer as I consciously close myself off to His will for my life, but I think I need to let this go at this point.


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