Dumping Firefox for Chrome

To further my slide into a pretentious geek wonk I am officially dumping the Firefox web browser for my new favorite: Google's Chrome. I have been lamenting the steady rise in the size of Firefox over the past year or so and have been looking for a sleeker alternative (thankfully my wife has not been on this quest with me) and I think that Chrome will fit the bill quite nicely. I even like the way ScribeFire is implemented in Chrome over the way it is developed for Firefox. There was a twinge of sadness in my heart when I moved the Firefox shortcut from my desktop to the Recycle Bin, but I think it is for the better. I am very happy that there are quality browsers out there that we can choose from and that, if the need warrants, we can punt and use another one. I am not un-installing Firefox just yet. I may have use for it in the future, but my new daily browser is Chrome.

I bet you're glad you know that.


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