For a brief moment....

I subscribe to a classifieds service where I get emails concerning things for sale. I have hawked quite a few things and bought some stuff through the service and I enjoy it. Well, a "gem" came through just now that, for a brief moment, I thought about acquiring:

FS: 6-1/2 HP Horizontal; shaft gas engine Brand New - Never Run $125

Growing up we always dreamed of having a go-kart. What red-blooded American boy didn't? Of course the lack of resources always got in the way. This was paired with a lack of technical know-how to actually put the thing together and get it to run. Safely.

Well, my resources have grown but my lack of mechanical ability has always been with me. I am afraid that no amount of tinkering could make up for the fact that I am clueless about mechanical devices. Every once and a while I'll crack something open, jiggle something here and there, and then make it work out of sheer grace and mercy from God, but barring that I just don't have what it takes to put a go-kart together. Unless you expand the definition of a go-kart to mean a metal cage that doesn't roll, catches fire, and administers third-degree burns to small children.

That I can do.


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