Beyond music, playlists, and podcasts

I still need to do some work on this but I am beginning to find more and more uses for the iPod I received for Christmas a while back. Recently I was on a trip to Sacramento, CA and found myself in a plane for many more hours than I was comfortable with. Of course, I did not have the necessary reading materials, headphones, and other accoutrements that would have made the trip more bearable. Determined not to have that happen again I have been looking for other things to use my iPod for and have stumbled upon a more than little resource called iTunesU. Now iTunes is the main vehicle for getting content onto the iPod if you want to fill it with stuff that you do not already have in CD or other digital form. It turns out that iTunes also has a vast amount of content online that is a bit more academic than entertainment focused.

Currently I am listening to a series of lectures by Dr. John Frame from the Reformed Theological Seminary concerning the history of Philosophy. I have listened to a short lecture on Augustine and am now in the midst of a two-lecture presentation on Kant and his successors. It has been refreshing to hear about the philosophies of these two men from a Reformed perspective. Although I cannot say that I am 100% within a Reformed framework on all that I believe about God this has been wonderful experience. Attending two secular universities for my degrees I was always subject to this type of philosophical examination from a humanistic perspective. Although that perspective is valuable from an informational standpoint it did not do as much to strengthen my faith in Christ than Dr. Frame is doing now.


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