Safe and sound

Safe and sound knowing that You're big enough to
Wrap around my heart completely
Safe and sound just knowing that You know me -
Safe and Sound, Mercy

I had an experience in my ride into work today that can only be described as being held. I had a mildly stressful weekend that really came to a head, so to speak, when I got back from our evening service. There were quite a few stressors that effected my countenance to a great degree and I was caught up in them to a great extent. I had a restless night's sleep last night and knew I needed to meet with God in a special way this morning. Actually I think it may have been God Himself prescribing the cure for my anxiety.

I took what He offered and had a commute into work this morning that was unlike anything that I have had in a while. Why didn't I run to you sooner Dad? Your peace was available to me last night, wasn't it? Why didn't I avail myself of it? Maybe that was part of it God...maybe it was. To say that I am happy that You know me is too cheap a thought. It's not just your Word, your commandments, or your promises that are my rock. It's not this joy, hope, and peace that are my sure foundation.

It's You.


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