When standing - even when singing

Deuteronomy 6:7-8 is the standard for me to communicate the Commandments of God, and really the whole Bible, to my children. It is a popular passage that took on new meaning for me during the evening service on Easter Sunday. We watched various scenes of John's account of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. It was powerful and I even had the opportunity to do a couple (literally) minutes of instruction from the 18th chapter. Well, we were singing one of my favorite songs at the end and I was very into it. During the height of the song I felt a tap on my leg. Quickly realizing that it was Drew trying to get my attention and snapping me out of my focus on the words of the song and the beauty of the moment. I instantly wondered what was so important (I was worshiping after all) and I bent down to inquire what he wanted.

And there it was. An even more beautiful moment and one that I will never forget. Drew asked a simple question: "What does 'come again' mean?"

He knew what "Crist has died" meant as we have discussed this multiple times and he saw a re-enactment of his death already. He had an idea of what "Christ has risen" meant per our recent discussions about Easter and the portrayal of John chapter 20 that was displayed. What he needed more information on was this whole "Christ will come again" business.

And, wonder of wonders, my son asked me. How special and utterly gorgeous that was. This shipwreck of a life has been bought to such an extent that I can illuminate the Scriptures to my son. All thanks to God for His marvelous gift of salvation that He has lavished on me and the Holy Spirit that has guided my journey through the Bible.

And all thanks be to God for the heart I see in in Drew.


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