Big changes - I just want to be used

"Hi John,
Let's break some rules."
- Intergalactic Radio Station, Vangelis

Last night we were informed of some big changes that are coming down the pike that effect the way I minister at my church and they won't be easy. More than a desire for a particular ministry, I just have a desire to be used by God to bring people closer to Him. If I can, more effectively, help make more and better disciples with a rubber band and a hamster than with what I am doing now you can bet that my next two trips would be to Staples and to the pet store. Even though it is hard and I will miss what I am doing now and what my boys are involved in my goal is not the preservation of the status quo or throwing the Great Commission to the wind so that I can continue in a ministry that I have grown familiar with. That just doesn't compute anymore.

It is time to break some rules. It is time for me to grab a hold of ministry that has one measure. The old way of ministering for ministry's sake is over. No matter how much pain it brings, no matter how much my head spins there is just no more room for playing church. I can't accept that because He doesn't. And I want my heart to be fully aligned with His.

I will be touched deeper than this. I will be forced to relinquish more than I am being asked to jettison now. I need God to drive the stake deep this deep that the next time this happens my reaction, and my heart, will be more Christ-like.


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