It's different this go-round

I have been in the habit of reading through the Bible in a year for the the past five or six years and it has been great. There is nothing like digesting the book of Obadiah and having all of the preceding books impacting my understanding of it. Looking at God from the different perspectives that the men and women that inhabit the whole of Scripture is an amazing thing. I think that I have been changed by it as well.

I have been a little more deliberate, this go-round, with making sure I do not skip a day in my reading. There have been times when I go to bed at midnight and have had a sense of urgency with doing my daily reading in the Bible. I was a bit too lax last year and found myself 7, 10, or even 14 days behind in my reading. I am determined not to let that happen again and, so far, it has worked out all right. Granted I just finished Matthew and have only read through Chapter 30 of Exodus along with 28 Psalms, but there is just a different attitude that I have now in comparison to other years.

I would like to think that this is something that God has produced in me. Wouldn't that be great if it was? I mean that would be a serious manifestation of one of the fruits of the cool would that be? We'll see if this continues into the Summer as that is when things have a tendency to go all higgly piggly on me. I just pray that I will have not fallen behind by then and that the lessons I am learning now will be down deep. Way deep.


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