Fraught with danger

The men's room in the building I work with is fraught with danger. There is an unwritten rule in the relationship that exists between men that you always put one urinal between you and the person next to you when using the facilities...if it is at all possible. Well, our men's room has three urinals on each side of the entrance to the "toilet area" so you would think that this would not be an issue. It is.

You see, when we enter the "toilet area" in our restroom one needs to turn to the right or left and these turns are blind. If one were to turn to the right, for example, and there was already someone using the middle urinal, you're stuck. You need to honor the commitment you made to the right side of the aforementioned toilet area and suck it will be a long relief session. Usually turning to the right is the best option because the only "hands-free-flush" urinal is to the left. Right in the middle.

This by far is the most popular urinal in the toilet area for the added convenience and hygiene it promotes. I never turn to the left unless I am more than reasonably assured that I am the only one in the toilet area. Even then there are issues because I could cause someone to stand next to me while there are 4 other empty urinals. Not cool at all.

So what is the safest bet? Well, I think the slow right turn and the use of the far urinal is where you want to be. Also, the toilets on the right hand side are more underutilized than the ones to the left so if you have to bail out you can always run into one of those. This is needed if you find yourself in a no-win situation. But, sometimes, the allure of the hands-free-flush is just too great and I indulge myself. I just need to be careful...the left hand side has reduced more than one grown man to tears.


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