Hey restless!
Can you sleep tonight?
Something's going wrong, got to make it right.
Wake up now! Before you sleep the night away.
- Restless, David and the Giants

I am not sure if you have had this experience before, but this morning I was restless. I couldn't quite understand the feeling - there was a dread that was hanging over me that I could not shake. I even exercised this morning and had a great cup of coffee which I thought would brighten my mood somewhat, but the feeling persisted. I wondered what it was all about and talked to God a bit about it.

Well, I was in the middle of a conference call when my wife called. I couldn't take her call but, listening to her brief message to call her back I knew something big just went down. I prayed and participated in the call the best I could. She called again and I jumped off the call to talk with her. She, indeed, shared some very bad news with me. We spoke very briefly about it and made some quick plans and I hopped back onto my call. Immediately the feeling lifted. It was almost as if God had snapped His fingers and lifted that dread-filled feeling...it was absolutely palpable.

I think, as complex as it was, the feeling had everything to do with the news coupled with the unknown. I do not get the "something big is going to happen" or "something big just happened" feelings often so when they come they throw me for a loop.

My prayers have changed now that I know what God was pointing me to (preparing me for?). I just pray that I go to Him often enough that it makes a difference.


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