"Waited" and the plunger pot

What a comforting word "waited" is. Even if that what is waited for is an unpleasant event the fact that it is hear and that I am either going through it or have gotten through it is something that, at the very least, reduces ambiguity. I hate waiting. We were at a party last night where my boys had to wait until they got to do one of the very things that we attended the party to do. They didn't have to wait long, but I could tell that they were ready to jump out of their skin in anticipation. But, then, they waited...it was all in the past and their wait was swallowed up in the now. It was over. And the night was everything they could have hoped for. At least that is what they reported to us.

The trick for them, and me most of the time, is to revel in the waiting. I waste so much time looking forward to this, that, or the other thing. I can't always be looking forward to something. My vision has to be much more limited than that.

On another note I made some coffee today in a plunger pot and I need to regulate the amount that I put in there a bit more. It is, maybe, even too strong for me. But, if I keep this up, I may get some hair on my chest.


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