Need a right good stirring

I get into these funks on occasion and need something to snap me out of them. Every once and a while there seems to be stretches of time when I am not motivated to do anything. Even blogging, which is a release for me, is something that is on the back burner. Actually most of the stuff that I should be doing is on the back burner and I am not even sure there are front burners to occupy at this point. I get to thinking that there is something that I would like to do and I find some way to put it off until tomorrow. Of course, when tomorrow comes (does tomorrow ever really come?) then there is a way to shelve it until the next day too.

I need a fire lit under my butt and I am sure someone (or something) will do it.

Until then it seems like I am in a holding pattern and not all that motivated to contact the tower for clearance to land. We'll see what tomorrow brings. If it ever comes.


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