Lead by children

I had an interesting experience on Saturday. I was washing up some dishes from lunch and the like and Will mentioned that he had a favorite name for Jesus: Immanuel. He said that he liked it because it meant "God with us". I thought it was great that he had a favorite name for Christ because, when I was nine, I can't say that I had one. I hope and pray that this is a sign that his relationship with God will be deeper and more meaningful than my own. At any rate, Drew piped in and mentioned that his favorite name was Messiah. We talked a little about what that name meant (savior is a synonym) and then the boys went down into the basement to play.

Well, Drew started singing the song "Jesus Messiah" by Chris Tomlin obviously prompted by our discussion of the name. Well, right then and there, I began to whistle and meditate on the words of the song. What does Name above all names really mean? Blessed redeemer - were there redeemers who were not blessed? How and why was he blessed? And I found my mind focused squarely on Him as I finished up my task whistling now to the tune that continued from the basement.

Yes, I was prompted to fix my mind on Him by my two sons. Thank you God for the grace you gave me that day to accept Your invitation to do just that. I can say that if it was up to me, in my flesh I would have shut the basement door and continued on. But there's something different going on inside of me now and it is both scary and exhilarating all at once.


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