Keep feeling fascination

"Is there anything a wiki can't do?" - Samuel Malachowsky

Just looking for a new direction
In an old familiar way
The forming of a new connection
To study or to play
- (Keep Feeling) Fascination - Human League

There are at least three things that have led to this post: my exploration of the Chromium OS, the fact that I am creating a wiki page to house a bunch of requirements that I am working on, an article of Slashdot that points to a study of the connectedness of the tweens and teens of today, a song stuck in my head since the 80's, and an off-the-cuff thought-provoking comment by a co-worker. OK, that's four things, but I was never very good at math. Anyway, it seems to me that the thin client that has been promised for such a long time is something that the average user (me in my home life) can actually work with. The web browser and the web itself has grown beyond a fun and nifty way for a business to display its wares. It is more interactive and functional than ever before and it is blowing the lid off of how I work and the space that I occupy.

As our internal wiki grows and as I mull some technology changes for the school auction that we are a part of one thing is clear to me. There is no "out there" anymore. Whether for good or bad "out there" and "in here" have swallowed each other and this is something that is, at least, beginning to confuse "mine" and "yours". This new method of centralizing, distributing and disseminating of information that has been around for a while now has embraced the means to produce and manage that information as well. The web and the web browser are a platform now to build applications and manage information.

I know this post is very behind the curve, but I have been on a quest recently to perform my work in as much of an OS-agnostic way as possible. I think I may begin anew the quest to perform all of my work in a web browser thereby hurtling headlong into this. We'll see how it goes.


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