I see it coming to a close

I have been teaching in our "children's church" program (called HighPoint) for a while now and I will have one more lesson to give before I transition into teaching our adults in our new classes on Sunday that begin next month. I can honestly say that I have mixed feelings about it as I love the stuff we are doing in our HighPoint program and it is great to be up in front of a ton of kids every week...including my own.

When I was asked to do this a while back there was a gnawing sense inside of me that this was the B-league of teaching. In other words, I had to rail against the tendency that I constructed to treat this as a second-class teaching assignment for people who couldn't quite cut it for the adult classes. When I finally snapped out of that flesh-driven thinking, I set out to pour myself into the teaching as much as I would any adult class that I would be given responsibility for.

Hopefully I have succeeded in that. Thankfully, I have the 5th and 6th grade Champions class every Wednesday to keep me in touch with at least some of the kids that I have fallen in love with. I am now preparing to co-teach a couple of classes in Theology and Bible Study methodology using the book of James. I know I will enjoy these classes but I am also looking forward to "subbing" in HighPoint when one of the other teachers won't be able to make it.


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