This time I'm keeping track

For as long as I have been married I have raked a lot of leaves in the fall. In our former house we had a very big oak tree in our backyard that was late in giving up its leaves every year. When it did give up its leaves, however, it made a blanket over the grass in our yard that had to be seen to be believed. Well, people would always ask how much raking we had to do in the Autumn and we would always give some sort of guesstimate, but never really had firm numbers. Our house that we moved into in 2003 also has more trees than the average house and, again, we find ourselves raking leaves a lot in the Fall. This year, however, I am determined to keep track of the number of lawn and leaf bags I take to the leaf dump in Greece.

So far I have taken 27 bags there and I estimate we are half done with the raking. I always thought the count was around 50 or so but I did not know for sure. Now at least I will have an idea.

I was very happy to have found my orange rubber gloves so that I could clean out the gutters on Sunday. It was such a nice day I spent 3 hours or so cleaning the roof, gutters, garage, and yard of leaves and clutter. The gutters had plenty of water in them that was getting very cold as I dug the leaves out of them and the rubber gloves were great insulation from it. I want to make sure I remember where I put them now so that I will know where to go when I need them again. Hey, that's a big step for me.


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