She's good for me

One of the bad things about a busy life, for me, is that I don't do busy well. I tend to focus on the wrong things which leaves me short in the critical areas. I then have to scramble to get that completed and it always turns out to be something less than it should be. It has been tough to get over the tyranny of the urgent...especially lately. I do deep breathing and sighing well though. The people that are in the cubes around me must think I am unstable. So, not doing busy well, I need her to help sort things out for me.

It is hard for me to know where intellectual laziness and counsel meet. There are certain areas, like time management, where I feel a marked incompetence compared to her ability. Those are the areas where I need her input the most. Then there are all of the relationship areas that she seems to have down a lot more than me as well. She has keen insight into how to relate to people and what hospitality and generosity is. I also have a tendency to drive off a cliff when it comes to approaching a problem or situation. I am an "all or nothing" kind of person...she is much more measured in her approach to problem solving. So am I seeking godly counsel or am I just having her think for me. That's a tough one I need to sort out.

All of this to say that she is more than my equal. She brings an intelligence and perspective that I simply do not have. God wouldn't have it any other way.


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