55 bags and counting

Since I have been married I have had to do a lot of leaves in the Fall. In our previous abode we had a large oak tree in our back yard that dumped a boatload of leaves (very late in the season I may add) and in our current house we have many more trees that dump many more leaves. The one thing that is nice about the amount of leaves we have to deal with is that we have quite a nice system down for getting them up and into bags and it provides no end of exercise for me. The boys helped out more this year than in years past so I am sure that this will get easier.

We scored a nice, new leaf blower over the weekend that significantly impacted the process for the better. We were looking at a gas model, but found an electric one that we were more comfortable buying this late in the season. It was a great purchase and cut our leaf blowing time in half (at least) when compared to our more than 10 year old blower we were holding on to and nursing through another season. Where were these leaf blowers when I was raking leaves growing up? Kids these days have it...Hey! Get off my lawn before I squirt you with a hose!

Well, we filled 28 bags of leaves last week and another 27 this week for a grand total of 55. Thankfully, there is a leaf dump near our house that we can access and reuse the bags that we invested in this year. I think there is still a bit more that we want to do, but we are definitely in much better shape this year than we were last year at this time.


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