Rather than...

My wife and I had no "alone time" on our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday. Now, normally, this would send me into a pity party, but I got to thinking about it and, of course, there is more for me to be thankful for than I originally saw.

The day started like any other day - my wife, with little help from me, got the boys ready for school and out the door. Now the very fact that I have a wife that is more than willing and more than capable of doing this is a blessing that not everyone shares. There are plenty of single people out their that ache for a wife that would do this. There are even some married people that long for a spouse that has this level of dedication, loyalty, and love. I've been given a great woman by a greater God.

Now, about those boys; those enfleshments of our love - I couldn't ask for more than I have received. They're healthy, friendly, intelligent, gifted...all of that rolled into two bundles of energy that actually don't mind going to school or even hanging out with Dad. These are the days and times I need to hang on to when they move into another season of life where these attractions will transform into aversions.

I then headed to work. I have a great job that allows me the flexibility to be home when I need to. I earn a great salary that allows my wife to be a stay-at-home mom - something that she was gifted to do and do so well. While I worked my wife headed off to school to do some volunteering. What a gift North Baptist Christian School is and the fact that we have enough resources to send our boys there is a blessing that I do not deserve. Yeah - like I deserve any of this.

We then wrapped up our day serving at the 5th and 6th grade Champions club we co-direct at North Baptist Church. What a great group of kids God sends our way and it is a thrill to have the leaders we have helping us out and making this "burden" as light as it could be. Co-directing with my wife, my right hand, brings me untold satisfaction as well as she has pushed me to be a better man and a better child of God. I also had to attend a meeting after the club night concerning a class that I will help teach in the beginning of 2010. I get to present some foundational truths on ecclesiology and angelology. The fact that I am entrusted to bring for God's Word in this way is astounding. I wouldn't have picked me to do this, but, God is God and I am not.

I gave Nan her card and a box of Andes chocolates with the mint centers when I got home at 9:30 p.m. Yeah - not the most creative present ever, but the real gift we gave each other yesterday was this life we have built together. This harried, crazy, and even overwhelmingly busy life centered (not perfectly mind you...but we try) in God and His Christ.


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