Never failing

I guess I take so much about God and His Word for granted. It is quite natural for me to do so because He, His Son's blood, and His Word never fails. I cannot tell you how much peace that brings to my heart. I simply cannot imagine a god who did fail, whose words were only marginally successful, and who made a way for us to be saved that only worked a few times, or off and on. I can't imagine the chaos that would be born as a result of that or the amount of restless nights I would have wondering, if I was not to make it through, whether I would be with him. There would be no trust, no life, no foundation...there would be nothing in a god that impotent.

But He is not that and the more I enter into what He isn't I get a glimpse of who He is. The more I think about life without Him or life with a different god I see the life that I have now. I want those glimpses to make me take less for granted. I hope they do.

I am so glad He made me in His image and not the other way around. I would have created a much smaller god who would have been much less than never failing.


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