Gnat-like attention span

One of the gifts I have given to my oldest son, Will, is my gnat-like attention span. I have a laptop that has a screen saver that displays various scenes from one of Will's favorite DVDs (The Rise and Fall of Tony the Frog). The first two sentences are related so stick with me. My wife asked him to go into the living room and get a pencil out of their supplies box and my laptop happened to be there. After he hadn't appeared for a while, and after she had determined that he should have had sufficient time to locate a pencil, my wife knew exactly what was happening:

Nan: "Will?"
Will: [Trotting into the room with pencil in hand] "Yes?"
Nan: "Were you watching Daddy's laptop with The Pond on it?"
Will: [Smiling] "Yeah."
Nan: "Sit down, please."

It was all a very good-natured exchange, as most exchanges are between us and our children, and Will happily got back to work on the assignment that he was given. As he began to work on his assignment I just knew what was going through his head because of what was going through mine: "I wonder what scene is on the laptop screen now? Tony is always cooking up something that he has to apologize for later."


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