The Daily Gripe

In an earlier blog post I wrote about a group of people that gathered in a conference room near me at 9:00 a.m. every day to engage in what I call the Daily Guffaw. They seem to always be saying something funny in that room because it erupts in laughter continually. I think that is why I love my iPod so much so early in the morning. Well, there is another, albeit smaller, group of people that gather on the other side of my cube and engage in what is known in my head as the Daily Gripe. It is hard to not get sucked into all the griping and moaning that they do. Not that I would complain along with them - no - I am much "too spiritual" for that. Rather, it is hard for me to maintain perspective after listening to them complain so much. It is easy for me to become a pessimist about the company, my job security, the state of the economy, car name it. See how Christ-like I am?

Well, one of the Daily Gripers just left to pick up her car from a repair shop and slung a little sunshine when she was leaving. No, really, she did. She actually said "Well, at least I don't have a car payment..." This could be a real breakthrough for her as she was complaining just this morning that the repairs were going to be a mint because nothing had been done on the car in a while. Maybe this is a Friday of Epiphany for her. Or maybe I'll hear about it on Monday.

Not that I am complaining or anything.


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