And the reason I say that is...

When I was saving money for graduate school I worked a couple of jobs. One was at a pizza shop where they pretty much just trusted me with making chicken wings and the other was driving a van for a social service agency. This was well before the widespread adoption of GPS technology so I mainly just got lost and made all of my riders late to every appointment they had, but I digress. I had to transition my van-driving job to an interesting fellow named Marvin Bopp. He had a curious habit of talking about things that I was only marginally interested in. If that wasn't bad enough just when I thought that the "talk" (it wasn't a conversation mind you) was over he would continue by saying "And the reason I say that is..." and would offer me insight into why he just said what he said. That was one of the longer weeks of my life.

Well every time I want to give detail about something I just said I like to start by saying "And the reason I say that is..." and think about Marvin Bopp. It is funny how people cement themselves into my brain. The truly unique ones are in a special place that I am sure will be intact if I were to suffer some sort of brain injury or malfunction.


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