Too wide a distribution

The most significant things that are happening in my life I simply cannot blog about. By choice, the blog that I have started has too wide of a distribution to be useful to me to write about what is truly happening all of the time. I will, gladly, bare my soul to people but when the struggle involves my soul in light of someone else's, well, that gets a little too dicey to broadcast.

I had an opportunity to be a deacon at our former church (Sodus Bible Baptist) and it was very intimidating and satisfying at the same time. As a deacon I knew more than anyone else about what was happening with the church. That was tough because there were things happening that I did not want to know about. It was even tougher when I had to examine the situations in the light of the Scriptures and offer Bible-based counsel. Sometimes it was straightforward ("Have they Matthew 18'd it yet?") and other times it felt like there was a veil of gray over the whole answer or approach. What made this all bearable for me was that there were 4, 5, or 6 other men that shared that burden with me. And all of them were smarter and wiser than me.

Now, there is a lot that is happening that has been making my head spin at times. Thank God my wife is going through the exact same things that I am going through. She is ministering alongside of me and is my right hand in it all. I have even tried to defer to her on occasion. I am not perfect in that area yet, but her contributions have been nothing less than excellent. Where would I be without her sitting across from me last night as we got on the same page with the approaches we will take with significant, burdening situations?

Quite simply, her absence would diminish me and leave me a poorer reflection of Him.


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