Synth-driven accompaniment

Maybe it is because my oldest son is in third grade (which is when I started playing the clarinet) but I have been thinking a lot about the time that I played and how much of my young life I devoted to it. Building on my previous post I also got to thinking about the differences that this new era of technology has brought on and how I could have enhanced all of those recitals that I took part in as I progressed from the third through the eighth grade. I would like to think that I would have the ability to program some nice synth-bass that could enhance the music (or lack thereof) that proceeded from my instrument. It is also quite possible that I could even reproduce the piano or other accompanying instruments as my clarinet carried the tune of the lyrics that were sung. Of course, electronic-generated anything is extremely unforgiving if there is a flub or two from the human that would be playing over top of it, but I would like to think that I could have carried it off.

It is probably getting to sound like I long to be a woodwind-toting lounge lizard so I think this will be the last in my series of 2 posts about my clarinet. But two just begs for three, doesn't it? Or is that only a reality in my head?


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