Out under the stars

I love Canadian high pressure systems. Of course they have a tendency to suck all of the warm air out into the vacuum of space, but they also create cool, snap-clear nights that are perfect for stargazing. The boys and I headed over to my sister's and brother-in-law's house last night and set up the scope to look at, primarily, the moon and Jupiter. I think the boys got a charge out of it, but I am under no illusions that this experience has made them into budding astronomers of the amateur or professional type. This is especially true since Drew mentioned that he thought the night would be "super fun" but only turned out to be "a little fun". I followed up with the comment that it was probably a little different than he expected and he said that was definitely the case.

At any rate, they are interested in going out with me again to see what we can see. It was great just to be with them and do this. I know that, even though these days of hanging out with Dad are here now, they will go away for a while. My only prayer is that they will return much like they have with me and my parents. I think that will be an indication that things are as they should be...or at least as they can be this side of heaven.

I got another clear sky alert for tonight and I am definitely thinking about going out again, this time by myself, for an extended session. I haven't done this in quite a while but last night was so clear that I would hate to burn tonight's opportunity. Maybe I will have a more well-developed observation report than just the "moon and Jupiter" but then again...


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