I just can't shake it. Nothing captures my attention and imagination like hope. I am not sure why this is. My disposition, overall, is more towards hope than anything else. I am a positive person (most days, I have my moments) and I have a God that gives legs to my hope. I would like to think that if I did not have a relationship with Him that I would be a tad less hopeful than I am. I have had my share of disappointments with people, experiences, and objects that would have soured my outlook by now. It is just nonsensical to place my hope in things that change, people who are frail, or that which is out of my control. But, squaring my hope on One who is always out for my good makes perfect sense to me. That allows me to be the prisoner of hope that I am. His truthfulness, strength, and faithfulness even allows me the opportunity to translate my hope into a certainty...no matter how much that makes my head hurt.

I guess that means that I love Him. And I do. But He needs to teach me what that means because I live like the Devil much more than I ought.


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