The end of myself

Last night I was facing a daunting task. Thankfully I wasn't alone in this as I had plenty of support, but it is funny how I think that I am on the "Just Mark..." show at times. Well, on my way home from work, I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach over the whole thing. I was absolutely at the end of myself - there was way too much that was out of my control and I didn't like it.

It was then that I had to give it up. I talked to God and I may have even called Him out a bit. I knew that this was His gig but I needed Him to know that. Of course He did know that but it brought me comfort to let Him know that He needed to know that. I would like to say the nausea went away at that instant, but it didn't. So I let Him know again that He was the show and I begged Him to show up. I think I even had to do it again.

Well, I was able to wolf down dinner before the task last night so it was obvious that the nausea went away, but I still wasn't sure what I would find when I got there.

The minute I got there, after unlocking the door and turning off the alarm, I realized that He had shown up. In fact He placed the road before us. And I am glad He did because I was at the end of myself. And I will be there again. I am there again.


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