Direct dosing with Flourish Excel

It has been well documented that dropping some Flourish Excel (from Seachem) will cause the algae that so often inhabits the leaves of anubias plants to retreat and, eventually, die off. I have consistently dosed by Java Fern and anubias coffeefolia this way for a while with some pretty decent results. Well, since all of the anacharis that I had put in the tank, um, tanked, I decided to try this method again on my anubias coffeefolia, minima, and lanceolata as they were all showing signs of algae infestation. True to form the coffeefolia did well but the minima and lanceolata fared very poorly. I don't think I overdid the dosing but all of the leaves that received the heaviest doses of the Excel have now either died or are in the process of dying. I am not exactly sure why that is the case, but I am going to try to corroborate my experiences with others across cyberspace to see if this is a unique thing or if it is something I should have researched before attempting it.

Another one of my temperament weaknesses exposed and impacting my life: shoot first and ask questions later. One of these days I may just pause and wonder if what I am about to do is a good idea.


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