And you all thought I was, um, not normal

I was reading an article from MIT about beatless artificial hearts that, by design, are more durable, more compact, and more efficient than the current crop of artificial hearts. They do hold some promise for the future, but more long-term experimentation needs to be done to assess their utility. Well, I have taken to reading comments on articles as they are usually pretty entertaining. True to form, I came across this little gem:

"I've done thought experiments of pulseless blood-flow using nanobots, and utilizing their swarm nature -- swimming like a school of fish carrying blood with them; of course these devices don't exist yet, but give it about 15 years."

Either this guy is few feathers short of a comfy pillow or he is merely (in this case) a misunderstood genius.

Now, I can admit to never having a thought experiment of this nature, but there have been plenty of quizzical looks shot my way on the ones I have had and I am not entirely thrilled over them. So, who will you make me out to be? The guy mooing in a chicken suit or someone who is operating at such a high level that "the normal people" have absolutely no idea what is going on? I know my vote.


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