All of my friends

Thanks needs to be given to God for the friends that I have that were once my fiercest enemies. These friends, namely death, suffering, and conflict, have been thoroughly redeemed by Him to such a degree that they serve the exact opposite purpose of the intention of their introduction. Death's sting (my sin) has been removed and it now delivers me into the full presence of God. Suffering's fangs of discouragement and bitterness have been blunted and now it is the megaphone that shouts His goodness to the world and magnifies that gift of faith that He has given me. Conflict is at the heart of the Gospel of peace (who could have made that happen other than Him?) and reveals the sin in my life as He produces Christ-likeness in me giving me an unparalleled opportunity to bring my pursuit of holiness into a laser-sharp focus.

I am getting dizzy thinking about it all. He has turned this sin-soaked world upside down. He has turned my all too often heart of stone into an instrument of right. He has produced food from filth and drink from waste. And He has done more than that. Not only has be produced sustenance from poison, He has re-created me and set me apart to build His eternal kingdom rather than my own that will burn when I die. Who loves me more than Him? Who can rival what He's done?

No one.


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