Nothing some of this here rope can't solve...

I was reading an article on Yahoo news today and found a piece of it that struck me as funny. The article was detailing some suit trouble that one of the astronauts was having (not the funny part) and his fellow spacewalker had a rather ingenious way of getting back to the ISS:

Wolf noted that his idea for stringing safety tethers together, with minimal hookups in case of an emergency, "worked like a charm."

"Never thought we'd use it," he said as he made his way toward the hatch, hand over hand.

Now I have to hand it to David Wolf for using what amounts to a rope to get back into the ISS. I also found it interesting that the most low-tech approach to maneuvering in space was just what was needed at the time. It just reminds me that the most technologically advanced solution possible is not always the order of the day...but it does make the day a lot more fun.


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