Google Voice

Yes, I admit it, I am a bit of a Google nut. I love Google Docs, Google Gears, Desktop search, Picasa, iGoogle, GMail...all of it. Well, now there's more Google to love as I have accepted the invitation to Google Voice. Basically, Google Voice is a way to manage incoming calls via a ring schedule that is placed on my new Google phone number. I can easily block callers, send text messages to other cell phones and, by dialing my Google phone number on another phone (a local call), I can make free calls anywhere in the continental United States. One of the interesting things is that if someone leaves me a voice mail the web application will attempt to transcribe its content into text so that I can read it like an email. All very interesting and I am finding more and more uses for it.

So, my cell phone doesn't receive text messages, but you can always text me on my Google Voice account using my Google phone number. Another interesting service offering that has broad implications for me and allows Google the opportunity to get its hands on more of my data.


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