Too familiar perhaps?

Conversations about God, involving God, or when God is invoked are as normal as popcorn at our house. God is an integral part of our life and a natural topic or subject of conversation. We are familiar with Him at our house and our boys know how to pray and ask questions about Him. They spend a lot of time with the church and know plenty of people there. Sometimes I wonder what all of this is going to mean to them (if anything).

Will they be so familiar with Him that they will take Him for granted? Or will they embrace Him as they would their mother or me and hold on to Him tight? Will they see Him as a means to an end or as the Beginning and the End?

I grew up in a religious house where we went to school and learned about Him and even found time to pray and converse about Him. It wasn't until I realized that there were people living in community with Him that my appetite was whetted to want that too. I think that is what will do it for our boys as well.


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