Why can't broccoli taste like steak?

Unpleasant but necessary. Sometimes bones need to be broken in order to be set right and healed. The pain that I feel is a reminder to me that the medicine I am to take may make my face wrinkle and leave a bad taste in my mouth, but, when it has had its full course, it will make me well. Pain is a gift that lets me know that I need to change the way I do things in order that I may have and abundant life - in order that I may, at times, live at all.

If I avoid the pain of correction and die a happy man, I will have squandered that which I have been put in charge of and vacated my responsibilities. Then there will be pain. And not the pain that produces and enlivens, but the pain that permanently, consciously, and eternally destroys.

If my sadness here produces something greater There then sadness it is. My joy intact a sad face is good for the heart for it produces a longing for the way things should have been...and will be again.


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