A good definition of love

I found this definition of love on the net: a purposeful commitment to sacrificial action for another.

Sounds so romantic, doesn't it? This isn't the love I read about on Halmark cards or even express in the words I say or write to my wife. It isn't even, quite frankly, what comes to mind when someone says "love" to me.

But, it is the love that captured my heart and literally stood the world on end. Beyond any gun or missle it will conquer not only lands, but hearts and is the halmark of the Kingdom to come. It interrupted the consequences of my actions (thanks, Bono) and is the ground of my salvation.

I firmly, even more in these days, believe that deliberate focussed love is the most powerful force in the universe. And I also belive that if I and my brothers and sisters, as Christians, showed it as much as we should, God would have conquered the hearts of the men of a million worlds.


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