A simple request

I was dog tired last night as we were putting the the boys to bed last night. We were watching the Super Bowl with my parents (yeah Colts!) and it had been a long day. After my wife sang the "Moon Song" and all the prayers had been sent to His throne to do with what He wishes, I heard the simple request from the youngest: "Daddy? Can you carry me?"

How easy it would have been for me to give into the temptation that I had to encourage him to walk to the room that was a mere 5 paces away. But in that instant I realized that this season, when I could carry him and when he would desire such a thing, would be over all too soon. I scooped him up and carried him to his room laying him in his bed.

I covered him with his teddy bear blanket. As I held the blue blanket that he likes to have on top of of the covers I saw that a season had already passed - the one that found me wrapping him in this piece of well-worn fabric. Was he really ever this small, Lord?

Drink it in, Mark. Drink it all in. Sit with them and play the Curious George Game, teach them to tie their shoes and print oh so neatly...when you are old it will be these times that will flood your mind as you look at the pictures so wonderfully preserved by her.


  1. What a great blog! I'm going to try to come by more often! :) Hope you and yours are doing well and are having a great winter!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tasha. And thanks for the kind words and well wishes.


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