It was a while ago

It was a while ago, but I can remember the call, the night it happened. I was working at the pizza shop when the phone rang and I answered it. From what I could tell there was a 10 or 12 year old boy on the other line that wanted an order of mild chicken wings. That was it. In the moment I took the call I hearkened to my days at that age. I remembered the loneliness, longings, isolation...all of it and, for lack of something better to do I guess, projected those feelings on that boy. I had nothing to offer him except the best wings I could make.

I went into the cooler and got the fattest, best looking wings I could find. I made sure I used the fryer with the cleanest grease and even made up a fresh batch of sauce. I remember cooking them and taking them out the instant the timer went off. I put six of the wings in the bin and shook them. Then the next six. Extra celery and bleu cheese too for this guy.

I have no idea who picked up the wings. Was it him? His dad? His friend's mom? And I knew my paltry offering was nothing he really needed. It was more for me and in response to who I was then. It was what I would have wanted someone to do for me because of the loneliness I felt and what raged inside of me at times. Maybe that's too strong, but I desperately wanted someone to connect with me. How desperately He wanted me to make my faith real and call out for Him.

That I know of he never called again. But as I write this I remember that night. I'll never forget that night.


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