Not sanguine enough, perhaps

I am not as pure a "sanguine" personality type as people make me out to be.

Yesterday, after a busy weekend, I was driving into work feeling a bit useless, wondering what had happened over the weekend and why. There wasn't anything in particular that I was ruminating on, there was just a feeling of dread and my self-concept was not as clearly in view as it normally is. I don't even remember what song was on the CD player as I drove in, but I do remember that it focused my mind on things above and the cloudiness of the moment lifted. It was strange but it was so real; so palpable. Is this the peace of God? Is this something of why He died? To set us free from these darknesses? This darkness?

On a related note, today I am of the opinion that what God did in my life when He saved me cannot be overemphasized or over-magnified. My mind is so different from what it was. My thoughts are higher (most of the time) and focussed on Him. I can't explain it, but I know that He has radically changed me. As stubborn and selfish as I am, that is no small feat.


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