If this post makes sense it will be a miracle...

I am fond of saying, "If this works it will be a miracle." Too fond I admit.

With the advent of cable/satellite TV there is a proliferation of channels that are particularly suited to individual tastes like history, science fiction, cartoons, game shows...anyone who has a modicum of consciousness knows this already. As an individual, if I want to watch TV, I am not beholden to whatever the "Big 4" broadcasters shovel out to me. Well, I am since we don't have cable. But it doesn't have to be that way. I can construct my own reality and experience something very narrow if I want to. I can only watch a network that is liberal, conservative, Lutheran...whatever I want.

This spills over into the electronic distribution of music as well. I can download one song here from this group, one there from that artist, and combine it all into a Favorites play list. I am not beholden to the experience of listening to an album from beginning to end. I can construct my own reality and experience in this regard. Of course I am "subjected" to listening to a single song all the way through, but the 5-minute time commitment is less of an issue than the 45 minutes I would commit to an entire album.

Trend? Most definitely. Good or bad? This is more of a thermometer post than a barometer one.


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