Ubuntu Linux on the work-issued laptop

So I am constructing this post in Ubuntu Linux (v. 6.10) running in a 9 gigabyte partition on my laptop using Firefox 2.0. It took a little bit to get the internet connection to work (I had to enable the network connection) but all in all it was not too bad. My next goal is to get the dial-up modem to work, but that should not be that big of a deal. I am a happy little Linux user now and am looking forward to learning a lot more about the OS as time goes on. I haven't dumped Windows XP yet (that is running on the other, much larger, partition) as there are still things I need it for at work.

But, maybe someday, we'll be a Linux shop at home. We'll see. I do know that right now the desktop computer I have at home is a non-starter as far as any OS beyond Windows 98 SE goes. But, hey, a dual-boot laptop with XP and Ubuntu should satisfy my gravings for the new and different for a while.


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