The photo scavenger hunt

Well, the photo scavenger hunt went off with nary a hitch last night. My team (the "epricots") really got into it and had a good time. My wife made up quite a few homemade treats to cap off the night and things went about as well as they could have. Here is the clue list we used (with answers) for the inside group:

Item #1:
I'm an organizer for papers and bills. Don't forget my rollers and rails! (filing cabinet)

Item #2:
  • It's like the North Pole in here. (freezer)
  • Isaiah 1:18
Item #3:
  • You can snuggle up near this on a cold night and read a good book. (fireplace)
  • Matthew 3:11
Item #4:
  • You will find me with four legs, but no hair. People may ride me for hours, but I don't go anywhere without needing to be tugged, jerked or turned on, I always manage to be ready for work. (desk)
  • Hebrews 1:3
Item #5:
  • Before me they used Morse Code. (telephone)
  • Philippians 3:14
Item #6:
  • What object has a KEY that opens no locks, has SPACE but no room, and you can ENTER, but not go in? (computer keyboard)
  • Revelation 20:1
Item #7:
  • On the building you open me up, and reach in your hand. (mail box)
  • 2 Corinthians 3:6
Item #8:
  • Show me when I was built. (year on side of building)
  • Daniel 9:1
Item #9:
  • Your ears “nerve” is used to describe this room. Show me as many "legs" as you possibly can. (auditorium)
  • Hebrews 10:25
Item #10:
  • I'm HIDDEN and out of plain view, made of steel, but I'm very important for HEIGHTS to reveal. (ladder in janitor's closet)
  • John 1:51
Item #11:
  • Could be a decision to go left or right or something with tines. (fork)
  • 2 Samuel 9:13
Item #12:
  • Hula? Hoola? Nope, not with this unbroken circle. (basketball hoop)
  • Luke 5:4-5
Item #13:
  • A portal to someplace else. (any door)
  • John 10:1
Item #14:
  • This is something you can really get into – just don't fill it. (baptismal)
  • Acts 2:38
Item #15:
  • Not a well, but close enough. (any drinking fountain)
  • John 4:7
BONUS PICTURE (let's see all team members'):
I am something that nothing is, but yet I have a name.
I am sometimes tall and sometimes short.
I join your talks; I join your sport, and I play in every game. (shadow)
Psalm 23:4-5
__ __ __ __ __ __

I can't take credit for most of these clues as they were put together by another leader I worked with. I think the Bible verses (again, suggested by my wife) were a nice touch to kind of point them in the right direction and show them different places in the Bible where they do not traditionally go. All in all worth doing and worth planning one for the next club year.


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