There it is - the moon

I have never, in my life, been more active than I am now. Between exercising (which I didn’t do this morning, btw) and working outside this year has been the most active ever. That having been said today, after a lot of work yesterday, I feel like a train wreck. Maybe it is because of a cold that I have that is hanging on just a bit too long but I do not feel good today. It was still worth the effort as yesterday was a quintessential (whoa, spelled that one right the first time) warm Autumn day. A real jewel not to be missed. We even sat outside last evening at ate ice cream at the Coldstone Creamery in Pittsford. The youngest saw that it was getting dark and started shouting “Where’s the moon? Where’s the moon?” It obviously hadn’t risen yet, but he was still insistent on seeing it.
I saw it this morning on the way into work. A classic waning gibbous. It is fun to share those times with the family. I wanted the youngest beside me this morning as I saw our lone satellite. It would have given me great satisfaction to have “presented” the moon to him that he so desperately wanted to see.


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