Stories and getting published

I have been telling my boys stories about “my best friend” growing up and they seem to really like them. I think I want to try to see if I can get representation to get my idea published as a children’s book or as a series of books. I have always wanted to write and get something published so I think I am going to try. The maddening thing is I know I am going to need to work with an agent. I have a family member who is a successful artist who, obviously, has representation so I may need to visit with him and get some wisdom of the ins and outs of working with someone like this.

Or maybe this is just a wild fantasy of mine and nothing will come of it. I remember working on a book in college that I thought had some novel ideas primarily around the imagination and how we could have never imagined the non-physical with purely physical experiences. But that never went anywhere. I don’t even know where the “manuscript” is.

At any rate I will track my progress on this idea in this blog. Maybe that will give me some additional motivation.


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